5Zip-lines, which were originally created as a means of transportation, have been around for over 200 years. They were used to carry goods (and sometimes people) over rough and dangerous terrain. Now, zip-lining has become a popular choice when adventurists are thinking of trying out a fresh pastime. Zip-lining is a fairly new outdoor activity to the U.S., being that in 2001, there were only 10 or so zip-lines in America. Today, there are well over 200 services and trails that offer zip-lining for all ages.

First time zip-liner? Break the ice in Rockbridge, Ohio, where Zip-lining is a main attraction. There are several well-known tours that will take you on a zip-line adventure for miles, and have you zooming right alongside cliffs, over streams, and through moss-covered mountains, giving you the ultimate point of view for exploring Ohio’s wildlife. They even offer nighttime tours and special trips to accommodate small children. Seriously, if you’ve never thought about zip-lining before, it needs to be a top priority as your next excursion.


Charlemont, Massachusetts is another top-notch zip-lining destination, where you will be able to zip, then hike, then zip again. Traveling through the wilderness only to reach another line and go plunging into the air again makes for an amazing adventure. Tour services are also affordable, with the average zip-line tour in the region running at about $70-$80 per person.

3Seasons for zip-lining usually start in March/April and extend out until Fall (November). Of course, when zip-lining you will have guides, but that will make those of us who are beginners, all the more comfortable. With the accompaniment of the guides, you will know proper safety techniques, you will never be up in a tree on a platform unclipped, and you will have the time of your life speeding through the canopies like a bird, with the wind whipping around you.




There is nothing more exciting than being able to roam the wild wonders of the world, and to know that you are witnessing nature in its raw, untouched form. Adventure enthusiasts know what it is like to be out in the forest, or atop a spire, or raging down rapids, and get that feeling of ultimate release.


With so many up-and-coming activities, as well as the timeless classics, reconnecting with the great outdoors has never been so easy. As the warm weather approaches, the stage of planning your next excursion arrives. Summer is the time to enjoy the sunshine, so whether you are looking for a simple stroll along a beaten trail or an unforgettable thrill-ride through the treetops, today is the best day for an expedition. Make the most of your time off and dive back into the untamable, where you can become one with the wind once again. From gorges to waterfalls, America has it all. Adventure is in your backyard. Go find it!

Zip-lining: Ohio & Massachusetts
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