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Where Else can you Play Above Ground and Under Ground?

The heart of Kentucky brings the nature lover through Cave Country where outdoor adventure is king. 

Glide through the treetops on three different zip-lines. Whether it’s the fastest twin zipline in the south at KY Action Park; a five section tree top canopy tour at Mammoth Cave Adventure; or a short trip across the mouth of Hidden River Cave, there is sky high ride experience to suit your comfort zone.  

Or check out the water trail with local canoe companies for a leisurely trip through Mammoth Cave National Park on the Green River. Whether it’s Green River Canoe, Mammoth Cave Canoe & Kayak, or Cave Country Canoes, the lazy river is available for trips from 3 hours to 3 days including overnight camping.

For non-paddlers, the 53,000 acre park at Mammoth Cave offers trails for leisure or the hard-cored gravel biking or hiking enthusiast.  Or add a four-legged friend at Kentucky Action Park’s Jesse James Riding Stables or Double-J Stables.

After exploring above ground adventures there are underground wonders to enthrall and amaze anyone wanting to experience pre-historic time travel. View Mother Nature’s million year artistic creations on a walking tour through one of Cave Country’s eight tour caves.  Mammoth Cave, the longest cave in the world, is the second oldest tourist attraction in the U.S., a Biosphere Reserve, a World Heritage Site and offers tours that include a 45 minute self-guided tour to a five hour wild cave tour and even a handicap accessible tour for mobility challenged explorers.   

Seven other sister caves at Outlaw Cave, Onyx Cave, Cub Run Cave, Lost River Cave, Hidden River Cave, Diamond Caverns, and Mammoth Onyx Cave, showcase individual and unique formations that can only be created by limestone and water.  

Visit www.cavecity.com for extensive details on the wonders of Cave County.


Cave City Tourism Commission

418 Mammoth Cave St.

Cave City, KY 42127


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