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Western Sporting Falconry

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There was an era throughout Europe and the UK when falconry was practiced by royalty and the social elite even to the point that different types of hawks were reserved only for those of a certain social stature. Well, those days are gone! Today falconry is practiced by a cross-section of people from all socio-economic classes. Also, it has traditionally been a male-dominated sport but that has also changed with a great many ladies flying hawks.

Falconry is the only currently practiced sport in which man cooperates with trained wild animals to procure wild quarry. The history of falconry is believed to have begun as long ago as 2000 B.C. and during this long history the essence of the sport has changed little. The raptor is gently conditioned to return to the falconer and the falconer utilizes the natural instincts of the raptor to capture its quarry. Falconers challenge their hawks to display the best of their abilities and the hawks quickly learn that man is there to provide the opportunity to work as a team.

Every state has a falconry club and some have two. There is also a national falconry organization and each year falconers travel from every state to attend the annual meeting. There they learn new techniques, go flying hawks with other falconers, listen to evening talks from experts in this field, and enjoy a great family outing. We have links to all the clubs on our web site and you can join the fun.

Western Sporting is a publisher of falconry books and films. We carry everything from newly published works to the classics and we have helped a great many falconers get started in the sport. The small package of beginners books designed to prepare one for the falconry examination assures success when entering the sport. We also stock a full range of quality falconry equipment, which is available at all times for immediate dispatch for our customers! Check our prices and experience our high level of service to see why we are top rated around the world. We hope to serve your falconry needs as you get started and on into the future. Good hawking to you all.


We have created a special page for Adventure Outdoors readers: westernsporting.com/outdoors


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