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Versalift Storage Lift

Finally! A Way to Convert the Clutter Into a Man Cave!

 A garage is a great place for guys and gals to gather, relax, and watch the game, eat snacks drink refreshments and have a good time. More and more garages are being built or converted with this in mind. The challenge is what to do with all that clutter that you commonly store in a garage or need access to such as holiday decorations, summer recreational toys, pool floats, patio chairs and such. Of course the attic or basement is a perfect place to store these things, but carrying them up and down the stairs or pushing them up a rickety attic ladder is dangerous and taxing. The answer to this dilemma is the Versalift Attic Lift.

The Versa Lift Attic Lift & Home Storage System can help you find a solution to this very common problem in most households. With Versa Lift you can move belongings into the attic or basement that before would have been cumbersome (and that’s why it never got done). There are two models and different sizes of Versalifts available. The Model 24 can accommodate 15.5 cubic ft. of goods and up to 200 lbs. per load, and the larger Model 32 is capable of 35 cubic ft. and 250lbs. We also offer the VersaRail, an attic ladder safety rail that makes getting into or out of the attic easier and safer.

Versa Lift is not too difficult to install for any capable handyman, and generally takes about 5 hours to frame out the opening, assemble the unit and install. The installation manual and videos available are easy to understand and very detailed. Once installed, all you have to do is load the lift, press a button, and watch your belongings go up into the attic or down into the basement. The Versalift has been installed in garages, game rooms, hallways, and remote buildings to name a few.

Giving yourself a proper man cave, doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Not only can Versa Lift help you organize the area, but it can also take care of those large heavy items that are not often utilized. Just place them on the lift and lift them out of the way until needed again.

Versalifts are used in various businesses everyday such as law firms, municipalities, medical firms (to move records to storage), liquor stores, hardware stores, auto dealerships, food pantries, anywhere that you have upper or lower storage and want to have a way to store it easily and safely.

You can choose from a corded unit that has a 15’ cord attached to the upper unit with a switch in the handle, a wireless controller that works like a garage door fob, or the “M” series that comes with two in wall switches for upstairs and down stairs operation. The units can accommodate garages that go up to 20’ floor to floor travel distances, and the model 24 standard is priced at $1,997 so they are very affordable compared to outside storage buildings or rented storage facilities.

Transform your unused space into a Man Cave today by organizing those valuables and moving them safely with a Versalift Storage Lift.

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