TWRA Becomes Nation’s First Wildlife Agency to Start Online TV Network

Whether you’re chasing a new state record largemouth, scoping out a great place to turkey or deer hunt, paddle, pleasure boat, hike or birdwatch, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has launched, an online TV network just for you.

It combines the best of agency and local independent outdoor video content, including the award-winning series, “Tennessee Uncharted.” Viewers travel along with host Erick Baker as he leads the way through the breathtaking beauty, deep-rooted culture and heart-pounding adventure, mined from the outdoors of Tennessee.

Similar to Netflix or YouTube, allows the agency to stream agency-produced, new and historical programming to users across the state and world. showcases many of the activities and beautiful places that are well worth visiting in our state. It also serves the growing online video demand of many different outdoor audiences.

Businesses and organizations can also market and brand themselves to outdoor audiences using the platform’s sponsorship-integration functionality. Sponsoring partners of are able to benefit from unique exposure opportunities to the highly-valued outdoor recreation consumer.

Another ground-breaking feature of is that a percentage of all revenue generated on the platform benefits the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation and its continued support of the conservation and media production efforts of the TWRA.

Now streaming is the complete first two seasons of “Tennessee Uncharted.” Another outdoor favorite series, “Tennessee’s Wild Side,” is also featured on the channel.

If you are not yet convinced to book your next outdoor adventure in Tennessee, visit and prepare to pack a bag.

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