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Trinidad, Colorado – HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT

Dubbed “The Hidden Gem of Southern Colorado” Trinidad has been discovered as the starting point for outdoor adventure in the mountains, plains and canyons that converge on this small town. To the east, cyclists are enjoying bicycle tours that travel along quiet, but challenging gravel roads. Hikers are discovering the peacefulness of the pine and aspen forests to the west as they climb into the San Isabel National Forest or the nearly 14,000 foot Spanish Peaks, and the serene peacefulness of the many mountain lakes that flow into the Purgatoire River.    

The view to the south reveals the town’s iconic Fisher’s Peak, sleeping undisturbed until, in a few short years, it will be a new destination for outdoors enthusiasts who eagerly anticipate all that the 30 square miles of land and 72 miles of roads will have to offer. Capped by towering volcanic cliffs, the property is made up of forests, grasslands, wetlands and streams.  Local populations of elk, mule deer, black bear, mountain lion and bobcat among others are supported by the intact nature of the property. 

 A scenic drive along one of the nation’s favorite Historic Byways, “The Highway of Legends” takes you through valleys and historic mountain villages, over passes, and to Monument Lake Resort, Bear Lake and Blue Lake where you can breathe in fresh mountain air, or take a stroll along the lakes edge on any summer evening and hear nothing but the rustle of a breeze through the trees, the quiet of the impending nightfall and the trout breaking water.

In this southernmost town of Colorado on Interstate 25, 190 miles south of Denver and 190 miles north of Santa Fe, locals greet you with unmatched hospitality and an eagerness to share their heritage and culture. Unaltered architecture dating to the 1800s can be found on nearly every street corner, and history abounds along the Mountain Branch of the Santa Fe Trail which is Main Street. You’ll find eclectic restaurants to please any palate and discover shops both trendy and vintage.  Tour the museums in historic homes built when Trinidad was vying to become Colorado’s state capital.  

From the sleek pronghorn antelope of the vast, high plains prairie to the camouflaged White-tailed Ptarmigan of the alpine tundra, adventure awaits you on the Spanish Peaks Birding Trail. The Willow tangles and aspen stands, and ponderosa, oak and mixed conifer habitats offer abundant wildlife viewing.  Miles of historic and scenic trails at Trinidad Lake State Park run through meadows, grasslands, forest and riparian environments for unforgettable outdoor adventure. Discover your wild in these quiet, untouched and undisturbed lands, tucked just out of sight.   

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