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Travel Insurance Center®

Travel Insurance Center®

Whether you’re zip-lining, mountain climbing or snorkeling, travel insurance provides the protection you need for any adventure, domestically or abroad. And the travel insurance experts at Travel Insurance Center® will find you the best coverage at the best price. Because the company is a travel insurance aggregator, the agents have access to more than 100 policies from more than 20 top-rated carriers. That means they can search and compare the policies to find one that addresses your specific concerns and fits your budget.

It’s no fun imagining what could go wrong before or during your next adventure, but when you do, you clearly see the value of travel insurance.

For example, imagine that a family member falls ill right before the trip you’ve been planning for two years, or a hurricane puts the kibosh on your kayaking adventure. Trip cancellation coverage could help you recover the cost of your prepaid, nonrefundable vacation.

Coverage that could be especially beneficial for adventure seekers includes travel medical, evacuation and 24-hour emergency assistance. Say you break your leg climbing Mount Everest. Have you ever considered how you’d get off the mountain, whether you’d want medical help in Nepal or your home country, and how you’d pay for the evacuation and health care? Most health insurance does not cover medical charges abroad, and evacuation alone can cost $100,000 or more. And you’ll likely have to pay on the spot. Travel insurance with 24-hour emergency assistance can be invaluable in situations like these.

But don’t let these “what-if” scenarios worry you. Call the friendly, helpful agents at Travel Insurance Center for a free consultation. Licensed in all 50 states, they can recommend coverage that suits your trip and then search and compare all the plans that offer the types of coverage you may want. Their encyclopedic knowledge of the multitude of plans and the policies’ fine print will impress you. And when they find you the right policy at an affordable price, you’ll be ready for your next adventure with peace of mind, knowing you’re covered.

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