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Tops Knives – Snake River Edition

The great outdoors of Idaho deserve a knife that was made for them. The Snake River Edition of the Idaho Hunter is that knife. Within only a couple of hours of the TOPS Knives facility, there are mountains, rivers, sand dunes, forest, and high desert environments. The climate is as diverse as the terrain with hot temperatures in the summer, bitter cold in the winter, and everything in between. The people who live here and enjoy the outdoors must have strong tools to be able to handle the varied landscape they will find themselves enjoying.

So when we decide to give a knife the title of “Snake River Edition”, we don’t do that lightly. This version of the TOPS Idaho Hunter upgraded from the original with TOPS’ famous Black River Wash finish. This 1095 high carbon steel blade has a clear layer of Cerakote to protect it from rust, but that also provides a smooth surface to make most cutting tasks a breeze. Black linen Micarta was chosen for handle material because it retains its grip even when wet. The handle allows for multiple hand-positions making it comfortable for a variety of uses, even though skinning was its primary design function. The blade steel is 3/16” thick, which gives it tremendous strength. However, it also has a full flat grind. This type of grind is known for making especially sharp knives. This gives the knife a very fine edge great for making food at the campsite, skinning game, and wood-working. The knife also comes with a black Kydex sheath that provides excellent retention with a rotating clip. All of these features and extras produce a knife that is as capable as it is stunning. While it was designed with the rugged and varied landscape of southeast Idaho in mind, this knife will serve you well regardless of your location.


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