Ox Ranch is the only ranch in the world that has both world-class hunting and WWII tanks available to drive & shoot! DriveTanks, located at the Ox Ranch in Uvalde, Texas allows you to drive and shoot fully functional tanks, artillery, flamethrowers, machine guns, and other weapons of war.


Their Sherman Tank is the same variant that was commanded by Brad Pitt in the blockbuster movie Fury. Brad may have been firing blanks, but at Drivetanks you’ll be firing live tank rounds! There are few experiences in life more exhilarating than shooting a Sherman tank’s 76mm cannon at scrapped cars.


All those cars need to eventually be recycled and what better way to do so then by running them over with their 60-ton British Chieftain tank. We recommend finishing your adventure off with a few victory laps in their German Leopard tank, Russian T-34-85, or even their tracked Kettenkrad motorcycle.


Ox Ranch is 18,000+ acres and is home to thousands of animals from over 50 different wildlife species. The ranch has herds of Giraffes, Axis deer, White Buffaloes, Kangaroo, Zebra, Elk, Wildebeest, Blackbuck, Kudu, Ibex, etc.


Ox Ranch may primarily be a hunting ranch; however, it’s antique cabins, gourmet cuisine, and numerous activities rival many of the world’s most luxurious resorts! You’ll have the time of your life hand feeding their giraffes, fishing, Cave exploring, Jet Skiing, and much more.


Ox Ranch has been featured on many TV shows including 20/20, Razor Dobbs Alive, L.L. Bean Guide to the outdoors, Ford Outfitters Haley Heath, and Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild.


Ox Ranch is the finest hunting ranch I’ve ever seen! Truly a bowhunter’s heaven!” –Ted Nugent



There’s an adventure awaiting everyone at Ox Ranch!

For More information visit www.oxhuntingranch.com & www.drivetanks.com or call (830) 275-4962.

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