Susan Ebert has been an avid outdoor enthusiast since her early childhood. She began hunting, fishing, foraging, gardening, and cooking on the family farm in Kentucky. As she grew, she quickly moved on to extensive studies in graphic design and creative writing. In the 80s, Susan moved to Austin, Texas for graduate school and worked for Texas Monthly.


Susan also worked as publisher and editor of Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine. She currently writes cooking pieces about wild game and fish for Texas Sporting Journal and the Houston Chronicle. Self-solidifying a spot amongst the top in her field, Susan has inspired us all, and paved the way for huntresses and the environmentally passionate to explore every aspect of what they love.

Her first cookbook, titled, The Field to Table Cookbook: Gardening, Foraging, Fishing, and Hunting, is a work that displays her many devotions all at once. With more than 100 illustrative and beautiful photos to accompany her recipes and tips, the book offers visual adaptations of her expansive array of gastronomical and organic, farm-to-table knowledge. The book “brings more than 150 family-pleasing, nutritious, and accessible recipes to home cooks who want to increase their knowledge and enjoyment of procuring and cooking clean, organic meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables.”

The hard work that Ebert put into her love of the wild things, even when she was an overwhelmed single mother to two young children, is what has evolved her into an expert of all things to hunt, preserve, and assemble, from forest to fork. The farm-to-table cooking trend has become more popular than ever, and with The Field to Table Cookbook, you will gain some of her invaluable skills and learn the basic rules-of-thumb when it comes to this ancient, yet trusted method.

Susan Ebert has developed original recipes from start to finish, and already has mouths watering across America with them. Here, she shares savory creations, such as Venison Rib Roast, which offer a fresh and fun new light, in which you’ll welcomingly shed onto your dinner table in no time.

“Now, let’s get outdoors … and then let’s get cookin’!” – Susan Ebert




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