The Siberian ALPHA Series Coolers are here!  Siberian Coolers has now pioneered an unparalleled level of refinement in the ALPHA Series. We have listened to the requests of industry leading guides, military support units, elite outdoorsmen and pulled from our knowledge and experience to introduce a standard of cooler construction that has been unprecedented—until now. 

The ALPHA Series Coolers have a thick roto-molded polyethylene outer shell with up to 2.75″ of insulation and extremely durable components.  A new sleek streamlined design, heavy-duty hard anodized aluminum latches and reversible Sticky/EZ Slide rubber feet, make the ALPHA Series Coolers virtually indestructible and extremely versatile in any outdoor environment. 

All Siberian ALPHA Series Coolers come with a food grade wire basket and cutting board divider and are available in Marine White and Granite colors.  Sizes- 22qt, 45qt, 65qt, 85qt

Siberian ALPHA Series Coolers are certified by Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC), to be a “Bear Resistant” food storage container for regulated areas and are backed by the Siberian Lifetime Warranty.  IGBC- #5137,#5138,#5139,#5140

When performance and durability matter, turn to the Siberian ALPHA Series Coolers.


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