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Ross Chillicothe, OH

Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Region in southern Ohio, Chillicothe and Ross County offers a prime location to explore America’s Parks with beautiful scenic views of the Scioto River Valley. Containing five-State Parks and a National Park with five-sites, Ross County has plenty of outdoor recreation waiting for you.

Each park contributes miles of trails to the overall 120+ miles of trails available. For the outdoor enthusiasts, that means plenty of options for your next hike. Some trails are specifically built for well-conditioned hikers and advanced mountain bikers, while others are perfect for a family hike through the woods to enjoy nature’s beauty. In addition to the trails, the five-State Parks offer a wide variety of outdoor recreation that is perfect for a family outing. Many visitors enjoy the wide-array of activities available at each park that include options for picnicking and playground for children, but each offers unique attractions such as disc golf courses, beaches, boating, miniature golf, nature center for exhibits, a restore old log church, and even rock climbing. 

Hopewell Culture National Historical Park offers views of ancient earthworks created by the pre-historic Hopewell Culture. These magnificent sites were built to monumental scale over 2,000 years ago, with some of the earthen walls reaching twelve-feet in height and outlining geometrical shapes that measure more than 1,000 feet across. The Hopewell used these sites for celebrations, funerals and rites of passages. Through the National Park Service, these sites are open to the public and protected from destruction so current and future generations can experience these grand earthworks. 

There’s an abundance of outdoor activities to keep you busy. At the end of each day, tuck the family in at one Ross County’s hotels, cabins or bed & breakfast to recharge for your next day of adventure. 

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