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Ross-Chillicothe, OH

Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Region in southern Ohio, Chillicothe and Ross County offers a destination to enjoy America’s Parks through beautiful, scenic views of the Scioto River Valley. Ross County is home to five State Parks and a National Park that not only offer outdoor recreation but also historical significance. 

Hopewell Culture National Historical Park encompasses five sites throughout Ross County. These sites date back over 2,000 years ago when the prehistoric Native Americans used the grounds for their ceremonial events. This culture, dubbed as the Hopewell Culture, built magnificent earthworks in a variety of geometrical shapes with alignments to solar and lunar events. Through archaeology efforts, these sites were used for such events as rites of passage, funerals, and celebrations. The five sites within Ross County are part of a larger scale, Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks World Heritage nomination that also includes sites in Licking and Warren counties. 

In addition to the National Park, Ross County’s five State Parks offer unique recreational activities along with contributing to the nearly 200 miles of multi-use trails within the county. There’s a trail that is perfect for everyone’s comfort level, from gently rolling terrains for a relaxing stroll through nature to a great workout for an experienced hiker. Relax and reconnect with the family with the activities available in the State Parks that include paddle boating, disc-golf courses, rock climbing, beaches or simply enjoy an old-fashion picnic near a playground. 

When you’re finished exploring the great outdoors, take the opportunity to visit the many historical sites including a 19th century mansion, a local museum with exhibits on Native Americans to early vehicles and everything in between, a train museum housed inside two B&O Cabooses, the birthplace of the first lady to be called the “First Lady of the White House”, and many other interesting locations. For an evening of entertainment, experience the outdoor drama “Tecumseh!” where you’ll be mesmerized with galloping horses and cannon fire as the action unfolds on the amphitheater stage. 

Enjoy the local flavors at the many restaurants in downtown Chillicothe and enjoy the atmosphere. During dinnertime, you may discover an up and coming band performing or an evening of comedy. You can find everything from BBQ to gourmet sandwiches along with craft brews on tap. While you’re exploring downtown don’t miss out on some unique shops for gifts or souvenirs. 

Don’t forget to relax and enjoy your visit to Ross County and let us show you the southern Ohio hospitality at one of our hotels, cabins or bed & breakfast locations. Enjoy the amenities during your stay and know that you are only minutes away from attractions, shopping and dining. 

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