The largest lake within Pennsylvania – 8,300 surface acres of fun!

More than 135,000 acres of public land in Huntingdon County

The Raystown Lake Region of Pennsylvania is your best kind of get-out-of-doorsy place. Bring your boots, kayak, fishing pole, mountain bike and camp chair to really get the most out of your time here. 96% of the Raystown Lake shoreline is UNDEVELOPED – pristine wilderness scenery is here and waiting for you.


The 30-mile long Raystown Lake is a popular destination for fisherman, boaters, kayakers and all water enthusiasts. Raystown Lake is the largest lake entirely within Pennsylvania and is the only lake within Pennsylvania where you can get a houseboat and live on the water during your vacation.


For land-based adventures; you can enjoy hiking, hunting, mountain biking, picnics and more in scenery that has been rated among the 100 Best Scenic Views in America by’s The Camping Club!

  • More than 2,000 campsites. Plus many other types of accommodations… lots of cabins, B&Bs, houseboats, etc.
  • The Allegrippis Trails at Raystown Lake are about 36 miles of stacked-loop multi-use single track trails and are ranked as some of the top single track mountain bike trails in North America. The new Raystown Mountain Bike Skills Park opened in summer 2016.
  • Hundreds of miles of hiking trails are here – including the 2016 PA Trail of the Year: the 80+ mile Standing Stone Trail with its unique Thousand Steps section up Jacks Mountain
  • Raystown Lake is the Freshwater Striped Bass Capitol of the Northeast United States. The current Pennsylvania record for a freshwater striped bass is 53 pounds 12 ounces – caught at Raystown Lake
  • Caves to tour, Pennsylvania State Parks, rails-to-trails, museums, shops, diners and more
  • Easily accessible via highway, commuter air or Amtrak:
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