Founded by three Forbes and Inc Magazine 30 Under 30 recipients, Rad Power Bikes is an electric bike manufacturer offering direct to consumer pricing on electric bikes that are designed by their team in Seattle. With four unique models of electric bikes ranging from urban commuters to off-road workhorses, Rad Power Bikes has a model that can take your morning commute or your weekend expedition to the next level!

 The idea for Rad Power Bikes was born in rural Northern California in the summer of 2007 when the company launched its first ebike prototypes using lead acid batteries and, at the time, high power brushless motors. Today, with thousands of bike owners in all 50 states and Canada, Rad Power Bikes has become a leader in the electric bike market.

 Rad Power Bikes designs all of their electric bikes in-house at their office in Seattle. Their models cover a wide range of use cases allowing owners of all backgrounds to benefit from an ebike.

 For the outdoor adventurer, the RadRover electric fat bike has 4” wide fat tires and a powerful 750W geared hub motor enabling you to tackle sand, snow, and hills with ease. For those concerned about space, the RadMini electric folding fat bike can be quickly folded for easy storage while still boasting a powerful 750W geared hub motor. For the daily commuter, the RadCity electric commuter bike comes with an integrated rear rack and fenders so you can arrive to work without being sweaty and tired. For parents or large cargo loads, the RadWagon electric cargo bike has a 350 lbs payload capacity and can carry a full-sized adult or two kids on its rear rack.

 Not only does Rad Power Bikes offer versatility with their electric bikes, they allow you to expand and tailor your bike to your needs with a large assortment of accessories. From rear racks, to fenders, to pannier bags, to child seats, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a combination that won’t work for you.

 Rad Power Bikes is a group of dedicated ebike enthusiasts, product designers, and entrepreneurs with a passion for business and technology. They are able to ship bikes anywhere in the USA and Canada or you can stop by their retail store in Seattle!

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