Glendo State Park is one of southern Wyoming’s most popular boating parks. It offers visitors water-skiing, fishing, and other water-based activities.  Fishing is so good that Glendo has several fish records. Day-use and overnight facilities feature improved campsites, comfort stations, tables, and grills.  A commercial concession at the reservoir provides visitors with complete marina services, motel units, and fishing equipment. 

Guernsey State Park provides seven campgrounds.  Five are around the lake.  All include comfort stations, picnic tables, fire grills, and drinking water.  New yurts that sleep four with a deck, picnic table, fire pit, and fire grills make for a unique camping experience.  Enjoy an amazing view and a private area. The Guernsey Museum is a magnificent stone building – built by the Civilian Conservation Corps – with a roof that is framed with timbers and covered with split cedar shakes, and the floors were formed by pieces of smooth flagstone.   

Oregon Trail Ruts and Register Cliff – The best-known emigrant trail in America stretches from Missouri to the Pacific Coast, enters Platte County between Fort Laramie and Guernsey. 

During the most active period of the Oregon Trail, 1840-1870, an estimated 300,000 men, women and children traveled westward, view the ruts still visible today!  Wagon trains tried to reach Warm Springs, a mile southwest of Guernsey, on their first day out of Fort Laramie.  The waters of the springs afforded travelers a chance to wash clothes in warm water instead of cold river water.  Along the way, thousands stopped to scratch their names into the soft sandstone of Register Cliff and can still be view today! 

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