OKC Journeyman

The legendary 499 Pilot Survival Knife is getting a brother. The OKC Journeyman retains the same stacked leather handle as the original 499, but with a unique Sheepsfoot blade. Great for hard work or survival and with a classic feel, the Journeyman can be a faithful companion to any worker, wanderer, or warrior. The unique serrations on the back, perfect for grinding, give the knife a profile unlike any other. The OKC Journeyman is also paired with a classic leather sheath with 2 retention straps and a belt loop, making this knife a complete and rugged package. 

Founded in 1889, the Ontario Knife Company® is an award-winning knife, cutlery, and tool manufacturer operating out of Upstate New York for over 125 years. OKC® produces a wide range of tools, including cutlery and kitchenware, hunting and fishing knives, machetes, survival and rescue equipment, science and medical tools, and tactical knives. OKC has a long tradition of building knives and tools for the U.S. military, producing high quality equipment that has seen continuous service since WWII. In addition to being a major supplier to the U.S. Armed Forces, OKC leverages a network of distributors, dealers, and major commercial retailers to sell its products nationwide and internationally to over 35 countries.

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