Few sights are as easy on the eye as early spring in the high deserts and shrub-steppe hillsides of Okanogan Country. 

The snow recedes quickly, and the landscape comes alive with color and life as the spring blossoms erupt wildly. This is the best time of year to explore the coulees, canyons, escarpments and rock faces in the Grand Coulee area and the heart of the Okanogan – the sun is warm, the air is cool, and the snakes are scarce (always a plus!).

Memorable hikes include Candy Point Trail which overlooks the Dam as you travel out of town. Though Candy Point is only a 2.25-mile round trip this unique outing packs a wealth of history, engineering, wildlife biology, jaw-dropping panoramas, and challenging cardiovascular workout (700’ of elevation gain) into its relatively short length. Be sure to check out this hidden gem, next time you make your way through town. 

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The spring fishing makes Okanogan Country a bucket-list destination in its own right. The plentiful waterways teem with species including bass and walleye and trout. The best locations this time of year can be found in the North Okanogan portion of Okanogan County including Green Lake and the Conconully Reservoir.  

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