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Fly_fishing_Thomas_Woelfle_022Stretching above the 55th parallel in Quebec’s Far North, Nunavik is a vast Arctic region covering over 500,000 km2 of wide open spaces, presenting a remarkable display of truly wild tundra, taiga forest and scenic mountains. A thousand miles North of the nearest city and only accessible by plane, this unspoiled region makes the ideal playground for nature lovers in search of a true adventure.



Salmon_Fishermen_by_Heiko_Wittenborn_0046The sport fishing opportunities are plentiful in this region bounded by the great water of Hudson Bay to the West and Ungava Bay to the East, and sprinkled by numerous majestic rivers and countless lakes, all teeming with combative big fish such as the unique Arctic char or renowned Atlantic salmon, not to mention an abundance of brook trout and sea-run trout, and enormous lake trout.

With high number and weight quotas for the various fish species, for which catch-and-release is permitted, you will be able to fish to your heart’s content. And with record trophies weighing from 30 to 45 lbs, any angler willing to make the trip North to cast in Nunavik’s pure and clear waters will be living the dream!

Dropped off by bush plane in what seems to be the middle of nowhere, you can be sure your fishing adventure in Nunavik will be one of a kind! Teasing the region’s river monsters, along with Inuit guides who know the territory, its lakes and rivers like the back of their hand, or sampling the catch of the day with a traditional shore lunch, will add to the authenticity of your experience.

Fishing in an Arctic landscape that’s as unique as it is wild, while partaking in the Inuit way of life at camp, is truly an adventure in its purest form, with memories to cherish for a lifetime!



Surrounded by the spectacular Northern landscape, your camera will be working overtime to create lasting memories of your expedition to Nunavik —as well as proof for your friends to believe your fishing stories!



And, with a little bit of luck and the help of your Inuit guide’s keen eyes, you might even be able to capture the local Arctic wildlife on camera, as caribou migrate across the tundra and small herds of prehistoric muskoxen still roam the area. At sea, curious seals may pop by to greet you, perhaps even whales or a lonesome polar bear.

The bright boreal summer nights will give you the chance to enjoy your stay even longer, bringing the sky to life with endless sunsets and, later in the season, dazzling northern lights.

Come and experience the genuine fishing adventure Nunavik has to offer! Visit nunavik-tourism.com or call 1-855-NUNAVIK (686-2845) toll free to find out more about the various outfitters offering travel packages in this Far North region of Quebec, Canada.

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