Time stopped at the Nevada Northern Railway. It’s as if the workers went to lunch and never came back. They left behind a complete railroad. It’s the last of its kind, the sole survivor from a grand era in the American West.

Now a National Historic Landmark, the Nevada Northern Railway is considered the best preserved historic railroad left in the country. The grounds include over 70 buildings, structures and 30 miles of track. The collection consists of operating historic steam and diesel locomotives with over 70 pieces of rolling stock. The oldest railroad car dates to 1872, when President Grant was in the White House and not on the $50 bill.

Here you can put your Hands On History. Instead of relics in glass cases or repainted old equipment on static display, here you witness a working 19th century steam railroad. It’s gritty. It’s dirty. It smells of coal smoke, creosote and sweat. The railroad excites all of your senses.

Here you can Be the Engineer of the Iron Horse. That’s right, your hand on the throttle of 100 tons of steam locomotive, heading up the hill, on a 14 mile round trip. Or attend Railroad Reality Week, essentially a dude ranch for train enthusiasts. Find out, up close and personal, what it takes to keep a 19th century railroad operating because you’re part of the team that does it. Or spend the night in in the middle of the museum in a working railroad caboose. The creature comforts are a little thin, but that’s how it was during the day.

There is no other place, like the Nevada Northern Railway. It’s not prettified, it’s the Real McCoy. See for yourself. Visit the railroad, and when you arrive, set your watch back 100 years.


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