ATVs. Mountain bikes. Sturdy hiking boots. Pick one or bring ‘em all to Mercer County, West Virginia— home of vast off-road systems, ATV-friendly communities and state parks. Hey, it’s a vacation made in Almost Heaven!

Deep off-roading, far from the beaten trail

When it comes to ATVs, Mercer County is tough to beat. The rippling valleys, deep gorges, and soaring peaks make terrain incredibly diverse. It boasts the highest overall elevation in the Mountain State, too. Off-roading material doesn’t get any better than that.

But here’s the best part.

America’s largest off-road system happens to be in Mercer County. With more than 600 miles of trails, the Hatfield-McCoy Trails offers adventure for beginners to experts.

Paths range from easy to bone jarring. Still, you aren’t in the Mountain State for nothing. Even basic trails have their wild, wonderful side. If you’re new to the area, consider taking a guided trip; local outfitters know the region like the quads they drive.

Wondering where to start? Of the 7 network trailheads, Mercer County’s Pocahontas Trail System is one of the longest. Roughly 22 percent of all trails are green (easy), while 47 percent are blue (more difficult). Expert areas and single tracks are available, too.

What’s more, the Pocahontas access point is near Bramwell, a quaint Victorian town. So many coal barons lived here during the 1890s that folks referred to one street as “Millionaire Row.” In fact, Bramwell once had America’s richest per-capita population. You can still see their magnificent mansions today. Some have brilliant copper roofs, stained-glass windows, ballrooms and indoor swimming pools!

Bramwell is an ATV destination, too. You can get trail passes at the city hall and local businesses. While you’re at it, stop by The Corner Shop for homemade ice cream, sundaes, banana splits and comfort food. There’s also Bramwell Main Street Eatery & Catering— a casual buffet with take-out and full-service entrees. It’s a great place to go before hitting the trails.

You’re also welcome to spend the night. Park your ride at Four Wheeler Heaven, a lodge in Bramwell with immediate Hatfield-McCoy access. Other choices include Busted ATV Resort, Pocahontas ATV Resort, and— farther out— Matoaka Mountain ATV Resort, Buffalo Trail Cabins and more.

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