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Marshall County, Indiana – The Place of a Memorable Vacation

Marshall County is where you go to get away from it all.  To shake off your cares with a meandering drive down county roads.  To discover communities where people still greet you with a smile and a friendly word.  While we’re chock full of the rural charms you’d expect, you’re also sure to uncover a few pleasant surprises during your stay.  Like the fact we’re home to a stunning two championship golf courses located on the same property with a golf academy.  Or that you’ll find Indiana’s second largest natural lake here, Lake Maxinkuckee, circled by a welcoming lakeside community, Culver.  Follow Indiana’s first barn quilt trail throughout every season.  Unwind by the season, Spring, the time to watch the first buds on the trees, summer is the time to flock to the beach or hit the greens.  Fall, time to gather in the harvest and winter, time to enjoy snow recreation.  

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