Bitter winds. Blanketing snow. Raging fire. Violent storms. Stampeding buffalo. Sights, smells and sounds of the prairie are re-created with stunning authenticity at the immersive theatre experience “Tallgrass Prairie: Tides of Time at Manhattan’s Flint Hills Discovery Center. These life-like, theatrical simulations introduce visitors to the prairie as do the center’s engaging exhibits, multi-media films and interactive children’s programs explaining the region’s geology, animal habitats and rich history. Learn about prairie conservation initiatives, the tallgrasses’ sprawling root system, native wildlife, indigenous wildflowers, Native American prairie culture, historic railroad towns and pioneer wagon trains that traversed the Great Plains of Kansas. Visitors relax on the roof garden landscaped with native prairie grasses and wildflowers.

Manhattan’s rolling landscape offers many biking and hiking trails, challenging golf courses and easily accessed waterways for boating and fishing. The Linear Trail along the Kansas River traverses the eastern, western and southern portions of the city. Walking trails at City Park and Anneberg Park offer changing scenery and varying elevations. Or challenge yourself on one of Konza Prairie’s three scenic trails ranging from 2.6 miles to 6.2 miles long. The land along these trails has never been touched by a plow. Natural vistas are the same as those seen by pioneers and Native Americans hundreds of year ago when bison roamed the prairie. 

From waterways to eclectic dining options, Manhattan has it all!

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