With a name like LUCID Optics, we mean just that, “LUCID” clear, sane and easy to understand.

All of the LUCID Optics products are designed specifically to meet the growing needs of a very

demanding customer base.


In a world gone crazy with corporate attitudes and often-unjustified high prices LUCID Optics is

proud to be an exception. We achieve this by challenging stereotypes and thoughtfully creating

our items from an end user’s perspective.


Here at LUCID Optics, we firmly believe that overkill is truly underrated. Often our customers use

the gear hard, really use it. With the mindset of “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”,

we build our products accordingly.  Then, we make sure that the worry is removed by backing

them with a lifetime warranty.


LUCID Optics is able to offer a refreshing and functional perspective on all of the critical details of

each product we produce. We achieve this by creating our products through specific practical hands

on approach, not in a boardroom or in a high-rise building somewhere, but on the range and in the

field, in the hands of capable and highly qualified optics users.


LUCID Optics currently offers a growing line of optical products for both adventure observation and

accuracy enhancing applications. With the broad category reach we have most of the optical needs

covered. Our customers are able to get into the right gear for their use, at the right price.


As a small, family run business, we offer personal customer support that is second to none. It is not

uncommon for our CEO to answer the phone and provide technical assistance. This also means that

we are nimble and able to move in new directions when our customers tell us what they want.


To Learn more, please look us up on line at www.lucidoptics.com

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