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LiT Coolers® Designed to Outperform the Competition

A cooler’s performance shouldn’t end when the sun goes down. That’s why we designed LiT Coolers® to outperform the competition all day and all night.Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, weekend tailgater, or a hardcore family vacationer, you’ll find LiT Coolers® is guaranteed to handle the toughest coolers adventure you throw at it.


What makes our coolers better is, the perfect combination of our patented Night-Sight® technology, well-thought-through construction, and endless customization options. Every LiT Cooler® comes with 4 REUSABLE LiT ICE legs standard. Drop them into the corners of your cooler and drop the core temperature of your cooler down in a matter of minutes. Without taking up any cooler space. Add ice and you’ll probably lose track of how many days you’ve had ice. “Legs for days” as we like to say around here.


Our coolers are built to last. Many say a lifetime. So whether you’re buying it as a gift, promoting your business, or providing a personalized gift for a customer or employee, we think you should be able to personalize it. As many times as you want. So go ahead, tell us about that perfect cooler you’ve been dreaming about. We’ll make it a reality.


Keep your drink hot or cold longer than it will be around to drink. Our new 20 0z and 30 oz tumblers are not only built to last a lifetime, they’re also customizable with our patent pending lighted logo window. With a push of a button on our no-slip rubber grip, you can instantly bring the light to the party! Customize your LiT Tumbler and make your own statement. Inside and out.




All our coolers come with a 5-Year Cooler Warranty and 1-Year Night SightTM LED Liner Warranty. U.S. PATENT 8,931,910 • litcoolers.com


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