4The lakes and rivers around Laramie are loaded with Cutthroat, Rainbow, Brown and Brook trout. From the deep runs of the Big Laramie River to the still waters of the Snowy Range and the windy abundance of the Laramie Plains lakes, Beaver ponds around Vedauwoo and Happy Jack this area has something for everyone.

Laramie Plains Lakes

The alkaline Laramie Plains lakes are known for abundant fish food and howling wind. These fertile waters support scud, caddis, damselflies, dragonflies, callibaetis and chironomids, which in turn support enormous healthy trout. Fish are most abundant from early spring, right after ice out, through mid-summer, and again in the fall.  3

Spring and fall are the windiest seasons on the Laramie Plains, but the wind can blow any day of the year. Sometimes the worst weather provides the best fishing, so be ready to gear up and step into adventure. Bring a 7-weight rod to help combat the powerful winds and be prepared to come home with exciting tales of battling the elements and fish!

In late summer, water temperatures can reach the mid 70s, making fishing difficult. Plan on dawn and moonlit fishing during these times of year to improve your chances of catching the big fish that love these waters.

Medicine Bow National Forest 5

West of Laramie, Highway 130, also known as the Snowy Range Road, travels through Medicine Bow National Forest for thirty miles. This scenic drive passes countless alpine lakes and streams before crossing 10,847 ft.

A short walk from the main highway will reveal hidden gems. Longer walks transport the visitor to fishing nirvana; as with life, the more you put into your experience the more you get out of it. Pack a lunch and plan to spend the whole day discovering your own favorite fishing hole.

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