Kodiak is a place that lives only in your imagination, and then you arrive. It is a scene from adventure television and movies populated by giant bears, spouting whales and jumping salmon as bright as platinum. The lush green color or our emerald isle is surrounded by the deepest blue seas and tallest snowcapped peaks that make the perfect photograph background.


You wouldn’t think a place this beautiful and this exciting can be real—and then you’re here. On Kodiak Island, Alaska Untamed.


Kodiak is a destination for everyone. Grab the kids, tell the grandparents, and hit the road! You’ve heard of the Kodiak Brown Bear, right? Now come see one! Imagine sitting on the beach, or on the hill top watching them fish for salmon with their baby cubs. There is no experience like it.


The kids will love beach combing, hiking and biking around the island. With over 80 miles of developed hiking trail, and beautiful views all around, you are sure to have a great time. Downtown Kodiak features local shops, the finest, fresh-caught sushi around, and a brewery with award winning local brews.


A drive out the road in Kodiak can be just as nice. Grandpa will love the WW2 history and exploring inside the bunkers. Other guests enjoy the blue copulas, lupines, native orchids and many other flora that cover the island. And birds? So many! The wildlife is extraordinary; buffalo, fox, Sitka black tailed deer and the infamous Kodiak Brown Bear. But the marine life is just as great; whales are in Kodiak year-round, as our harbor seals, sea lions, and more!


You’ll feel the excitement the minute the fresh air hits your cheeks. Kodiak provides travelers with an unmistakable sense they have reached the authentic Alaska; A place to discover nature in its purest form. A place where man yields to the demand of the environment.


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