Jessie Jessup Apparel is a sun-protection-geared clothing brand based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The designs and the brand were started and introduced by a marine Artist by the name of Jessie Jessup. Her intentions for creating this brand arose from her driven passion for marine life combined with the love of art and crafting.


Jessie’s career began at South Broward High School in her 2013 senior year when she took her second art class ever. During the class she was required to make a portfolio containing art pieces, of which where of a specific concentration. Her concentration was “Fish/Marine”. Months go by and towards the end of the class she had a whole portfolio full of marine inspired artwork. Jessie then had her art professor give her a suggestion to put some of her pieces on apparel to see how they would look. After doing so, she showed some of the shirts around to get some opinions. Her classmates were in awe and bought a few from her. Shortly after, her classmates’ families saw them and loved them, leading her to be asked if she could or would produce more! So, of course she did. Not long after, business took off and the brand was born. She never would have thought this would happen. But when it did, she knew she was meant to do this in life.


5 years later, She now prints her own shirts by hand ( yes, each one) and is the CEO of her very popular and still growing marine clothing line. The brand’s apparel is all geared towards sun protection for men and women. She wanted to produce garments that would not only protection your body from the harmful suns rays but were also beachy, nautical, fashion forward and comfy.


Over the last 4 years in business, Jessie has also been working with The Billfish Foundation and other marine organizations to help make a difference in ocean conservation through her art. She had helped organize a billfish Art show, which raised over $600 for The Billfish Foundation’s education program.


Jessie’s main goal is to share her brand while spreading ocean awareness so everyone together can make an impact to protect our world’s oceans. The ocean has a diverse amount of marine life, especially corals, but they are being destroyed ever so fast.

She recently started traveling around Florida showcasing her art and apparel at seafood festivals, flea markets, art shows and more. So feel free to get in touch and see where she will be next! Log on to

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