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In Mercer County, take the trail less travelled

It’s adventure in its rawest form: wild outback, devoted entirely to ATV riders. Mountain

switchbacks cover hundreds of miles in every direction. Rushing streams and broken terrain

challenge—and reward—your mettle. There’s nothing like it on the East Coast.

Welcome to Hatfield-McCoy Trails , America’s largest off-road network. Located in southern

West Virginia, the massive system boasts more than 600 miles of paths and 7 distinctive



One of the most popular rites of passage is Mercer County’s Pocahontas Trail . It’s 57 miles

long with assorted path types: “easy” (22%), “more difficult” (47%), and “most difficult”

(22%). Crooked mountain passageways aren’t just obstacles to be conquered, though. It’s

also breathtaking, with timber ridgelines, ancient forests, and silent meadows.

What’s more, Pocahontas Trail is a major Hatfield-McCoy connector. It ties to Pinnacle Creek

Trail (roughly 80 miles total) and Indian Ridge, a 63-mile-long system. That’s 200 miles of

outback adventure, should you so desire it. Why wait? Boundaries are meant to be pushed.

And if you think that’s more mileage than you can tackle in a day, you’re right. Fortunately,

overnight lodging extends your range. Community connectors are convenient to all trail heads,

with basic lodging, groceries, servicing, and fuel available. The historic town of Bramwell, which

is within walking distance to Pocahontas, is a popular stopping point. Riders especially like The

Corner Shop , a diner with a working soda fountain and made-to-order sandwiches.

ATV-friendly cabins are another option. Pick from modern log homes to rustic dwellings with fire

pits. Many are within the Hatfield-McCoy Trails, too; ride in, ride out, and never leave the

wilderness. So go ahead—test your limitations. Exceed them. And experience one of the most

authentic adventures in America.


Ready to ride?

Adventure awaits in Mercer County, Southern West Virginia.


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