Endless open spaces and unique opportunities for adventure can be found in rugged Okanogan County, the largest county in Washington State (and also the fewest people per square mile). Wildlife outnumber humans here by a dramatic margin. Grab your gear and head towards the rough, jaw-dropping landscapes that Okanogan Country has to show you.




The waterways in Okanogan Country are teeming with fish and wildlife. The Upper Columbia region is a nationally renowned fishing spot, playing host to species of bass, salmon and trout. Don’t miss fly fishing the in the Methow Valley, then head farther south and east to experience some of the most popular bass fishing sites in the state. Consider staying at Howard’s on the River on Lake Pateros and check out the fishing near Brewster, Bridgeport and the Grand Coulee Area.




Our famous mule deer population – rumored to be the largest migratory mule deer herd in the US – brings a large draw of hunters when the season opens. There are also plenty of bird species for hunting, including grouse, geese and duck. Please respect private property and know your backdrop before you shoot. Get full rules and regulations from WDFW and USFS before you set out.



ORVs, ATVs and Dual Sport Bikes

Okanogan Country has over 300 miles of ATV trails and dual-use roads. The entirety of the North and Central regions of the county have ATV access into towns, so you can grab a burger and head back to camp if you’d like.


Riders of both ORVs, ATVs and dual-sport motorbikes will find a supportive local motorsport community in Okanogan County, as well as a range of services to accommodate their needs no matter what time of year they arrive. Not to mention scenery that varies from winding roads along shimmering lakes to a variety of technical passages through narrow coulees and across broad plateaus with sweeping views of the distant mountains.

The choice of exactly which roads or trails to ride depends on current conditions, and also seasonal and legal restrictions affect some access as do fallen trees, erosion, and game closures. Local maps are extremely helpful and can be found here: http://www.okanogancountry.com/atv-recreation



Fall hiking throughout Okanogan Country is phenomenal. A brand-new free Hiking Guide will help you find new places to explore, from the Methow Valley to the North Okanogan to the Grand Coulee area.

Okanogan Country has over 3,000 miles of trails and the largest Nordic ski trail system in North America. Known for its rugged beauty, snowy winters and big blue skies, Washington state’s best-kept secret is ready to become your weekend adventure.


Plan your adventure at www.OkanoganCountry.com





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