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GrovTec Firearms Accessories

Resting in the shadow of Mt. Hood, GrovTec Firearms Accessories is proud to call Wood Village, Oregon their home. GrovTec is one of leading manufacturers of sling swivels and other firearms accessories. GrovTec is taking a stand in the firearms industry by going toe-to-toe with manufacturers who moved their production out of the country to GrovTec, its simple; American made is superior.

GrovTec has what you need no matter the task. Whether it’s a hunt, hike, or a day on the shooting range, you can count on GrovTec products to work when you need them the most. At GrovTec, they pride themselves on dependable American made products that are designed to last. GrovTec doesn’t plan for obsolescence. What they do plan on is earning their customers respect by manufacturing rugged firearms accessories that perform when it counts.


GrovTec has a few standout products such as their classic Locking Swivels which are machined in their American manufacturing plant with tight tolerances and 100% all steel construction. This tried and true design is ready to go with any firearm that has studs.


Next, their quick detach Push Button Swivels are built with a little extra oomph. Each Push Button is machined, assembled and tested for maximum strength with some versions withstanding over 450 pounds of linear tension. GrovTec offers 9 different variations on quick detach Push Buttons with different sizes and loop styles to fit any setup.


Last but not at all least; GrovTec produces top quality premium padded slings. Some slings are even available with swivels sewn right into the weather resistant nylon webbing. They come in over 10 different patterns and camo options. Including the styles you know and love like Realtree®, Mossy Oak® and Kryptek®.


“At GrovTec, we take the quality of our products very seriously because it’s not just a stud or a swivel, it’s YOUR swivel. The one that holds your favorite duck gun that goes out in the duck blind with you. It’s the swivel that secures your Granddad’s Pre-64 Model 70 Elk rifle that he gave to you years ago. It’s the swivel that you trust to hold that brand new expensive Weatherby rifle on your once-in-a-lifetime African safari. Every swivel, swivel stud, or sling we manufacture carries with it not only our name, but the trust that you, our customer, puts in it to hold your firearm safely and securely. “

– Jake Jacobs of GrovTec


Go hunt. We’ll carry the gun.

Find all of your gear at GrovTec


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