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100% USA Made Garage Door Hinges, Save Energy and Money!

We caulk, weather strip and insulate around the roof, windows, and doors of our home to save money from slipping through the cracks.

Anxiously we check our next power bill and see a slight savings. It doesn’t matter if the power savings happen in the winter or the summer – saving money that is spent on cooling or heat- ing is always money in the bank. Have you ever checked your garage door?

If you heat or cool your garage, your money is slipping through the cracks as fast as water goes over Niagara Falls! Your garage doors have gaps leaking air because the garage door panels are not tight against the exterior trim piece. Go check your garage door and you will see the problem. There is space where the panels meet the rollers and the track. That space is where your money is escaping!

The solution is here…The Green Hinge System® is a unique patented spring loaded hinge that self adjusts to create a tight seal. Our hinges are made with a high quality 12 gauge steel which is powder coated for a long lasting quality product. The Green Hinge System is 100% Made and Assembled in the USA!

The Green Hinge System® is the 25 minute – easy to install permanent answer for a much bet- ter seal. Each Green Hinge has an offset spring (good for 10,000,000 cycles) that presses the door panel against the weather seal. The rattling garage door noise will also be dramatically reduced.

The American made Green Hinge System® works great and has a lifetime warranty. These hinges pay for themselves in a short time. Both residential and commercial Green Hinge Sys- tems are available. Visit GreenHingeSystem.com or call 920-834-3848 or visit your local ACE Hardware store and say “Show me the Green Hinge System!”

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