In the heart of Northwest Florida there lies a quaint beach town that is surrounded by 244 miles of shoreline that winds through clear waters and white sandy beaches to tranquil inland passages of the scenic river system.   Families return here for generations to the uncrowded beaches and unhurried pace where the low-rise lifestyle invites them to enjoy a vacation where old traditions meet new traditions.

Gulf County is one big outdoor playground where you can enjoy a day on the beach basking in the sun on Cape San Blas or enjoy an evening walk through one of the many parks to watch the sunset.  The possibilities are endless with so many outdoor areas to explore.  Each day can be a different adventure.   If horseback riding on the beach is on your bucket list then be ready to enjoy a sunset ride with your family with one of the locally owned businesses.  The view will not disappoint.  Be sure to take a day to explore the underwater wildlife refuge of St. Joseph Bay where the clear, shallow waters make snorkeling feel like you are in an aquarium.  You can wade in at your own pace or contact a local charter guide to take the whole family.

Don’t forget to bring your appetite with you as the food options range from fresh seafood to roadside barbeque.  With so many options, everyone in the family will be satisfied.  Be sure to check out the patio areas that many of the restaurants offer, as they are pet friendly just like the beaches. 

In Gulf County, Florida you can wade in at a slow pace and enjoy the scenic outdoor opportunities it has to offer.  The serene, small beach town awaits you on your next adventure.  Contact a Concierge to start planning your vacation to Gulf County, Florida.

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