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Freestyle Rocker 

Founded by lifelong friends in 1996, GCI Outdoor has become a trusted name in the outdoor industry with a reputation for producing comfortable, durable and innovative products. One stand-out amongst all of our products is the Freestyle Rocker.

The Freestyle Rocker has jumped in popularity over the last several years and is now one of our best selling products. Built on a powder-coated steel frame, it is built to last through years of camping, tailgating, soccer games or trips to the beach. This innovative rocker features our patented Spring Action Rocking Technology, which means you’ll be rocking smoothly and comfortably on anything from grass to gravel. 

Wherever your travels take you (even if it’s just to the backyard!), the Freestyle Rocker is the perfect companion. The rocker folds flat, which makes it very easy to store and transport, PLUS it has a carry handle, which is great for portability. The Freestyle Rocker also includes a padded backrest and armrests, as well as a beverage holder, so your drink of choice will always be nearby.  

No matter the season or location, whether it’s breakfast out back or stories around the campfire, the Freestyle Rocker will be the envy of those around you…and the seat most likely to be sat in as soon as you stand up! It was built for comfort and relaxation and that’s exactly what it gives you.

The Freestyle Rocker is just one of several types of rockers we offer – check each of them out on our website!  


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