Staying hydrated is vital, no matter the activity! Choosing the right equipment for a specific activity is imperative since you will stay hydrated without being overburdened with excessive gear. Fox Tactical™ offers an assortment of hydration gear that satisfies the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, bikers, hikers, sportsmen, backpackers and anyone who needs hydration gear on-the-go!untitled-1

Almost all of the packs in our line are built to be hydration compatible, but there are three in our line that are specifically for hydration, and include a deluxe 2.5 Hydration bladder. These hydration packs are built with dual hydration access ports, and allow for the tubing to be positioned on either side of the pack, depending on personal preference. All of our hydration packs are NTOA (National Tactical Officers Association) field-tested and recommended.

In addition to our line of packs, we also offer 2 purpose-specific hydration carriers, which are also NTOA approved. One of these carriers holds our 2.5 bladder, and comes complete with hideaway straps to covert into a backpack. The other carrier stores most popular brands of hydration bottles, while keeping your favorite beverage cold for an instant cooling effect. Our product offering includes a deluxe 2.5 hydration bladder, which turns a hydration-compatible pack into an instant source for your hydration needs. All of our packs and carriers are complete with modular webbing, which allows the addition of various modular pouches and accessories. fox1

Our hydration gear includes numerous feature enhancements, making these packs and carriers extremely versatile. Our entire line of Hydration Tactical Gear is available in many popular solid colors, two-tones and military patterns. Our variety of colors includes Olive Drab, Black, Red, Safety Orange and Coyote to patterns such as Digital Woodland, Terrain Digital and Multicam®. View our entire line of hydration gear on our site and see why Fox gear should be your first choice when choosing quality hydration gear at a value price!

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