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Find Inspiration in Livingston County!

Letchworth State Park is one of our region’s crown jewels. The park spans 14 thousand acres along the majestic Genesee River. Its stunning scenery, gorges, miles of trails, swimming pools and facilities make it a perfect destination. Photographers, families and outdoor enthusiasts enjoy this year-round vacation spot.

Coming here and skipping Letchworth State Park is like visiting your parents’ house and not saying “hi” to your mom. It’s almost unheard of! Balance the park’s wide-open wonders with a tour of the inner workings of Mount Morris Dam (which controls the flow of the Genesee River as it winds its way to nearby Rochester). Then, get lured indoors by The New Deal Gallery at Livingston Arts Center. View the largest collection (outside of the Smithsonian) of Great Depression-era watercolors by well-known artists, commissioned by President Franklin Roosevelt’s Work Progress Administration (WPA). Head back outside and take flight into history at the National War Plane Museum.

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