Farmington, New Mexico is quickly becoming known as a year round adventure and outdoor destination, with a plethora of options for hikers, off-roaders, water sport enthusiasts and more.


The area has recently received national attention from the off-roading community, with Chokecherry Canyon located in Farmington being named in a number of off-roading publications and lists. With thousands of acres to explore and a variety of terrain to test your skills on, word is getting out that Farmington is an off-roader’s paradise.

The most popular recreation areas are Chokecherry Canyon, located inside the 3,000 acre Glade Run Recreation Area, and Dunes Vehicle Recreation Area. Chokecherry Canyon is well known for its rock crawling, off-road trails, wash runs, and challenging courses. The rock crawling is so epic in Chokecherry Canyon that World Extreme Rock Crawling Championship Series hosted their Grand National Championship here in 2016 and will return in 2017.

Dunes Vehicle Recreation Area boasts more than 800 acres of sand dunes, sandy arroyos and desert technical trails. The dunes are popular spots for those on motorcycles, dirt bikes, and ATVs, and hosts national-level races each year.

The beauty of the high desert and vast terrain waiting to be explored has fostered a passionate off-roading community within Farmington. Farmington’s trails have been in use by locals for over 40 years. Locals have recently started a community project to mark trails and map them with GPS capability to aid those less familiar with the area in navigating the extensive trails available. The city has also recently authorized some off-highway recreational vehicles to be operated on city streets in an effort to grant easy access to the phenomenal off-roading trails in Farmington.

For information on off-road adventures available near Farmington, NM or to plan a visit, go to or contact the Farmington Convention & Visitors Bureau at (505) 326-7602.


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