A lot of vacation destinations are boasting about the outdoors this year. Even cities are pointing to their parks and recreation areas. It makes sense; with the thirst for wide-open spaces at an all-time high due to Covid-19 restrictions, destinations are trying to fit the new “it” mold. For a few destinations, however, the messaging is unchanged because they’re exactly what cooped up Americans want; open-air, clear water, and few people around, or to put it more bluntly, few people in the way.

A place that checks a lot of those boxes is the 1000 Islands – pronounced Thousand Islands – along the border between northern New York State and Ontario, Canada. This internationally known yet somehow still feeling undiscovered little getaway is regarded for its miles of diverse waterway and – of course – its islands….all 1,864 of them to be exact.

It’s here that the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario offer shockingly clear depths to checkout shipwrecks with local outfitters and a fishery so diverse that it attracts first-timers, worldwide hunters in search of 5-foot-long freshwater monsters and every skill in-between. The Black River’s Class III-IV rapids offer a surprising whitewater experience for pros and enough accessibility for novices heading out with a guide.

Top that off with some of the prettiest sunsets – anywhere – and you’ll discover why this hidden gem tucked away in the Northeast is the ideal spot for your next outdoor adventure, whether you’re packing your dive tanks, thermal ice fishing gear, or just a pair of sneakers because you want to escape to somewhere with a few more open spaces. The 1000 Islands, yes like the dressing of the same name, is a place where the outdoors comes naturally.

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