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Every Silver Buyer Should Own This Coin!

The 2017 .9999 fine 1oz Silver Lynx is the second issue of the Royal Canadian Mint’s four-coin series commemorating Canadian Predators. The 2017 Silver Lynx has an eye-catching design featuring a hunting lynx pouncing to subdue its prey. However, it is not just the coin’s stunning design that makes it unique.

What makes this coin really special is that unlike the first coin in the Predator series, the 2016 Cougar coin, the Royal Canadian Mint has limited the 2017 Silver Lynx’s mintage to just 500,000 coins. The 2016 Cougar, much like other collector type bullion coins released by the Royal Canadian Mint, had a limited mintage of 1 million coins.

Although 500,000 or 1 million coins might not sound like a limited mintage, silver bullion coins like the American Silver Eagle can have mintages that exceed 40 million coins.

The 2017 .9999 fine 1-ounce Silver Lynx will be far less common than other 1-ounce commemorative silver coins released by the Royal Canadian Mint and given the popularity of previous issues, this could cause premiums to skyrocket.

The premium of a product is the price you pay over the spot price. Over time, we have seen premiums on limited mintage silver bullion products increase significantly.

Take for instance the 2011 1-ounce Silver Kookaburra with its limited mintage of just 500,000 coins. In 2011, silver buyers could have acquired the Silver Kookaburra for about $4 above spot. Today, you are going to pay about $30 above spot for the same coin. That’s a 650% increase in the premium above spot!

The greatest part of all is that even though the 2017 Silver Lynx is a low mintage coin that could potentially sell for a significant premium in the future, as of now it can be bought for about the same price as other popular silver bullion coins, which is around $3 above spot.

The 2017 .9999 fine 1-ounce Silver Lynx is a great buy for anybody buying silver. If you are thinking about buying silver or adding to your silver holdings, you need to give this coin some serious consideration. It contains 1-ounce of pure silver, it is produced at a highly popular mint, and is even IRA eligible.

For a limited time only, the American Eagle Reserve is selling these beautiful Canadian Silver Lynx at just $1 over dealer cost!

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