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Your Destination For All Things Zip Line

In 2002, EBL Zip Line Tours built the first zip line tour in the United States in Maui, Hawaii, and has since become the nation’s premier installer of zip line tours.

With destinations all over the United States and beyond… from the remote and exotic location to the off-the-beaten-path to regional tourist attractions… we offer zip line and aerial adventures for thrill seekers of all ages. Not to mention and unrivaled level of safety crafted into each tour.

Preserving nature… well, it’s in our nature. The long-term health of the environment is a primary design consideration for us, meaning that all efforts are made to minimize the footprint of the construction and operation of our tours. All of our installation techniques are environmentally friendly and utilize arborist approved installation practices… especially when natural trees are part of the tour. This almost leaves the trees in better condition than before we started the installation.

If you’ve been zip lining before, or have seen a zip line tour on TV or in a magazine, chances are it was an EBL designed, built and operated tour. We were the first installer of one-of-a-kind ground-to-ground tours, Zero-Elevation© tours and some of the longest zip lines at almost 3,000 feet. We even have patents on dual-zip line towers. In other words, our zip line tours rock!

Need more? Check out ZipAwayTV.com and watch our new online TV series called Zip Away. You can follow our crew as we travel the nation, building even more exciting aerial adventures… with pranks and funny stuff along the way.

Here are some of our featured tours in the U.S.










To see a more comprehensive list of EBL Zip Line Tours locations, visit EBL.org.

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