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Captain Scotts Beginner Sailing Course

Want to learn how to sail a small to midsize sailboat without breaking the bank?

Captain Scotts Beginner Sailing Course is for people who want a basic introduction to sailing without spending thousands in training or buying a sailboat.

This is an online course complete with 100-page text, and 4 videos designed to give you practical, step by step instruction on what to do. The videos take you on an actual first sail experience, show you what to wear, what to bring, how to rig and raise sails, depart and return to the dock and sail upwind or downwind.

Captain Scott is a former Commander in the US Coast Guard Auxiliary with over 20 years’ background in sailing, and 5 years as a certified instructor. Whether you are 8 or 80 this course will give you a great foundation to start sailing!

Price: $89 (60 day risk free money back guarantee!)

To get started visit us at: LearntoSailCourse.com

What you will learn:

Parts of the basic small to midsize boat, and types of sailboats.

Parts of a sail and types of sails and rigging

Sailing Basics

  • Points of sail
  • Sailing into the wind and downwind
  • Stopping and anchoring
  • Rules of the road (right of way)
  • Common knots
  • Handling emergencies
  • First Sail experience
  • Checking the weather
  • What to wear in warm or cold weather
  • What to bring on the boat
  • Preparing to sail (rigging and raising the sails)
  • Departing the dock
  • Sailing into and away from the wind (tacking and jibing)
  • Returning to dock
  • Packing up sails and gear

Textbook, and Quick Starter guide with checklists to take on the boat

  1. 4 videos including:
  2. First sail day on the water actual experience
  3. Preparing to sail
  4. Basics
  5. Interviews of Captain Scott and Cat Neff-Seigers (a sailing beginner)


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