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Campfire Defender Pop-Up Pit

The Campfire Defender Pop-Up Fire Pit is the first truly portable, full-size fire pit.  Made from Aluminum Alloys and a proprietary Fire Mesh, the Pop-Up Fire Pit weighs only 8lbs. and will never rust.  The Pop-Up Pit packs down smaller than a folding camp chair (27” x 5” x 5”) and unfolds to a standard fire pit size. (24” x 24” x 15”) 

The patent pending Fire Mesh is just one of the exciting new developments of this new product.  On top of being flexible, the Fire Mesh can withstand 2,700F and can hold 125 lbs. of wood.   Since it is comprised of 52% air, the Fire Mesh allows ideal airflow to support an optimal burn rate.  The result is a fire that burns with less smoke.  The Fire Mesh can also stand up to repeated cycles of high and low temperatures without warping or breaking.  The weave is specifically designed to contain 99% of the burned ash produced from the fire. 

For the Backyard or the Backwoods, the Pop-Up Fire Pit is for any outdoor occasion.  Its sleek modern appearance will enhance any backyard, while its small, collapsible design allows you to travel to your favorite camping or fishing spot with ease. 

The Pop-Up Pit’s exclusive design allows for a variety of upgrades to adapt to your fire needs.  There are accessories available like the Heat Shield for protecting heat sensitive surfaces, portable cooking grates or a Spark Screen for fires in windy conditions.  Campfire Defender’s engineers are continuing to develop attachments and additional products to meet customer’s needs.

Enjoy a perfect fire with less smoke, anywhere, anytime.   

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