Nestled in the Moreno Valley at almost 8,600 feet above sea level, Angel Fire is an ideal location for adventurers and families looking for a safe mountain experience. First and foremost, Angel Fire cares about the safety of our residents and visitors. We want to assure you, our businesses are following all of the COVID Safe Practices, offering an outdoor experience for you to get away and breathe the fresh mountain air.

Above the valley, Angel Fire is home to one of the most inspiring balloon festivals in New Mexico. In June of 2021, more than 40 balloons will ascend in the mornings and float high above the Moreno Valley and mountain peaks.  People come from across the country for this remarkable event. It is a great Father’s Day Weekend getaway to take pictures, enjoy the laid-back Angel Fire atmosphere, or sign up to help crew for one of the balloon operators who are relaxed, fun, and eager to share what they do. 

If you want to race down the Moreno Valley, check out Angel Fire’s mountain bike park which was voted best in the Southwest by for five years in a row. Served by the chairlift at the Angel Fire Resort, climb over 2,000 vertical feet and race down over 60 miles of purpose-built terrain. If you’re an experienced mountain biker you can gear up and scream down an advanced trail like Pinball. Beginners can try out Easy Street for a chance to build some skills and have fun. Lessons, guided tours, and rentals are available. Plus there are miles and miles of greenbelt biking and hiking trails within the Village limits, free of charge, rated from easy for the beginners with level meandering trails to climbing trails for those with expert level skills.

In Angel Fire, the center focal point of the Moreno Valley, is a place of spectacular beauty for people who love and appreciate the outdoors. Bring your camera to capture every moment from the wildlife you may encounter, to the majesty of the mountains and the amazing sunrises and sunsets, as you ride up the scenic chair lift. Visit in the fall to experience the breathtaking colors during the Aspen tree foliage changes. Angel fire is the perfect place to get away from the city and relax and unwind. Enjoy outdoor dining and cocktails at various restaurants serving the best of New Mexican cuisine, casual comfort food or 5-star dinner menus. In the morning, grab a gourmet coffee and pastry or burrito on your way out for adventure.

People return to Angel Fire year after year for the beautiful mountains and the fresh air. The biggest reason visitors return again and again, however, is the people. Angel Fire is an adventurer’s delight for outdoor enthusiasts who don’t take themselves too seriously, for families who want a break from hectic cities and summer heat, and for anyone who wants to enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of a fantastic small rural mountain community.

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