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American Tactical


American Tactical’s new FXH-9 brings a new patent to the market after 106 years! The polymer frame with metal inserts lightens up the most iconic handgun in history while keeping it just as strong as the original. Available in 9mm and 45 ACP, the FXH is convertible between the two calibers and slide lengths of 4.25” and 5”. The stainless steel slide comes factory cut for micro red dots. Adapter plates are available for Trijicon, Burris, and Docter sights. The iron sights feature a black metal rear sight and red fiber optic front sight. Users can also change the iron sights to Glock patterned aftermarket sights. A tactical rail is also featured for adding flashlights and lasers. MSRP: $599.95





All new from American Tactical comes the NS-1000 pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle line! The patented engineering allows users to fire seventeen shots at at over 900 fps with 40 pumps. Working pressure comes in at 1450-2900 PSI. Available in .117 and .22 calibers, the NS-1000 features a manual safety, a two stage trigger, two-stage velocity regulator, and an automatic overpressure relief. The PCP comes with a one-piece rotary magazine and detachable single shot loader. An air rifle scope can be mounted for maximum accuracy. MSRP: $379.95



The new OMNI Hybrid Semi Auto .410 AR Shotgun is sure to take your next range trip or hunting experience to the next level. Using our patented magazines, you can feed 2.5” .410 shotgun shells into this AR-15! This new model features an 18.5” smooth bore barrel, 13” free floating keymod rail, six position adjustable stock, and ships with a five round magazine. Users are able to shoot buckshot, slugs, and even birdshot making this the most versatile AR on the market. Throw a complete mil-spec upper and magazine on the lower receiver and continue target shooting or hunting. MSRP: $599.95

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