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Adventure Lights

At Adventure Lights, we have a long history of producing portable beacons that can be relied on in the most extreme environments, by the most extreme professionals. We’ve tailored products to fit the needs of Navy Seals, Airborne parachutists, industrial miners, fire fighters, mountain climbers, search and rescue personnel, and beyond – developing advanced innovations and patented technology on the way.

We are proud to bring our experience and innovative technology to everyday outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you use our lights and beacons for camping, scuba diving, kayaking, or even simply taking your dog out for a walk at night: you can rest assured that they will keep you seen when you need to be seen, emergencies or otherwise.

All of our products are waterproof up to 330′ (100 meters), are extremely durable, can withstand extreme temperatures, and are designed with the user in mind.

The VIP™ is our signature handheld beacon that has grown with us over our long career. Our VIP™ series for outdoor enthusiasts comes standard with a MOLLE Compatible belt clip and patented fog and mist piercing lens. Available in two configurations: The VIP™ Expedition, with three basic functions (Steady-On high, Steady-On low, and a 60 BPM Flash) and the VIP™ Emergency Distress, which comes with two additional SOS functions, in high and low outputs.

The Guardian™ is another classic in our product offering. These extremely tough, extremely bright miniature beacons are visible from all sides (omnidirectional) and available in 5 colours. The light has two functions: Flashing and Steady-On, which can be switched between by flipping the battery (a pre-wrapped package of two CR2032 coin cells). Comes with a handy, detachable MOLLE belt clip. There are a number of other accessories and packages that can further equip the Guardian™ to be a reliable dog collar light, running light, bicycle light and more. The Guardian Trident™ is the elder cousin of the standard Guardian™, sporting a switch ring which lets users toggle between three different functions. It has the same applications, durability, options for accessories and colour availabilities as its more basic relative.

The Guardian Trident Survival™ is the latest and greatest in our lights for nautical applications. This life jacket light features our advanced, patented water activated sensor which is splash and mist proof. When set to stand-by, the light will activate its emergency distress signal only when the sensor is totally immersed inside the water, and will deactivate automatically 20 seconds after leaving the water. It can also be manually activated or deactivated, depending on the user’s needs at any given time. To learn more about us and our products, including virtual simulations you can try out,


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