It’s no secret that 2020 has turned the world upside down. Any kind of plans, especially for vacation, likely changed more than once! As travel starts to open back up, finding the best destination that provides everything folks are looking for and is taking the extra safety precautions can be difficult. One industry that has “taken the bull by the horns”, is the dude ranch industry. When COVID-19 became a global pandemic, DRA member dude ranches starting working diligently to find ways to give their guests an authentic Western experience that was safe and inviting. So, why are DRA dude ranches the best destination vacation in 2020?

Individual Cabins/Accommodations

Each dude ranch is different, but almost all DRA member ranches have individual cabins for each group of guests. Whether you have a family of five or are a solo traveler you will find cozy rustic-chic accommodations fit for any size group.

Budget-Friendly – All-Inclusive

Dude ranch vacations are perfect for any traveler, even the travelers on a budget. Since DRA member ranches are all-inclusive (meals, lodging, and most activities) they are more affordable and much easier to plan, than a day-to-day vacation that is five to seven days long.

Top-Notch, Carefully Prepared Meals

Great food is guaranteed at a dude ranch! Some ranches even have farm-to-table programs and serve some of the cleanest and healthiest food you will find at any all-inclusive destination. In addition, top-notch chefs prepare all meals carefully and with great precaution.

Scenery and the Great Outdoors

Breathtaking scenery and the great outdoors are just outside your cabin door. Dude ranches have been social distancing before it was a “thing”! At a dude ranch, almost every activity available is outside so you will become a professional social distancer!

Rent out the Ranch

Still not sure about embarking on a destination vacation? Grab your best friends and their families and head out on a dude ranch vacation where you can have the ranch to yourselves!

Contact the Dude Ranchers’ Association and/or visit www.DudeRanch.org today to find your perfect ranch vacation destination!

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